Coaching advice: Calm Anxiety, Relieve Stress, and Practice Positive Thinking


Our latest coaching advice article here’s a book that helps you reflect on your thoughts.

No Worries by Bella Mente Press
This book is subtitled: A Guided Journal to Help You Calm Anxiety, Relieve Stress, and Practice Positive Thinking Each Day.

No Worries is a 12-week anxiety and self care journal that will help you process what’s on your mind and gently re-frame your thoughts, so you can manage your worries before they start to spiral out of control. It was designed to meet you where you are now and guide you toward developing a practice of taking a few minutes each day to reflect on your thoughts, identify the sources of your anxiety, get in the habit of positive thinking, and prioritize your overall wellness and mental health.

  • Daily Journaling Pages: Space to check in on your mood, reflect on your thoughts and anxiety triggers, practice daily gratitude, and honour any positive thoughts or moments from your day. 
  • Self-Care Ideas: Suggestions for simple ways to take care of yourself and start to feel better.
  • Emotional Support Cheat Sheet: Write down who you love, what you value, things you enjoy, and favourite quotes for whenever life feels uncertain 
  • Mindfulness Matters: Tips for finding a few minutes of peace and quiet each day.
  • Fear-Setting Exercises: Manage your biggest worries and shift your perspective so you can stop stressing and take meaningful action.
  • Habit Trackers: A page to help you remember to prioritize self-care and the habits that are important to you each week.
  • Therapy Reflections: Reflect on your sessions (if you are seeing a therapist or counsellor) and record what you learned and how it made you feel.
  • Monthly Progress: Pages for you to look back on your month overall and check in on your satisfaction in different areas of your life.

Anxiety might be making you feel like you’re walking on pins and needles. But by using the No Worries journal, you’ll be making a positive step forward toward coping with your anxiety, caring for your mental health and feeling better each day.
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