Comme Chez Soi chefs create a unique foie gras for Rougié


Rougié and chefs Pierre Wynants and Lionel Rigolet of Michelen two-star Comme chez Soi put their creative heads together to create a new foie gras recipe. In the hands of these talented chefs the foie gras with sultana raisins and gin harmonizes a jewel of French gastronomy and a local Belgian grain alcohol.

Rougié foie gras

Since 1875, the history of Rougié has been intimately linked to gastronomy. For five generations it has developed its passion for foie gras. Over half of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the world swear by it. Several French chefs, such as Serge Vieira, have created an original recipe for the label.

This year, for the first time, the world’s leading foie gras has called on the talent of a star outside of France, selecting a Belgian duo Pierre Wynants and Lionel Rigolet who ply their trade at Comme Chez Soi.

Foie gras with grapes and juniper gin

The chefs were particularly impressed by the foie gras’ unique flavour and wanted to infuse a regional touch. Rigolet and Wynants opted for a five-ear-old 38° juniper gin from the famous Filliers family distillery, founded in 1880 near Deinze in East Flanders.

Its rounded flavour, with hints of cinnamon, coriander, citrus and liquorice, excited the Belgian chefs, then they added clear sultanas – it’s perfect for soaking foie gras.

The terrine of foie gras has been available at Rob and ISPC since mid-September and will be introduced later in other outlets. Selling price at Rob: €23.90 for a block of 300 gr.