Competition: Win davidrose eyewear


Together’s monthly competition gives you a chance to win eyewear at davidrose opticians:

– Polarized prescription sunglasses with a value up to €400 (glasses by Rodenstock)

– One year of contact lenses with solutions, with a value up to €250

– Six months of contact lenses, with a value up to €150

To win simply sign up an email to Good luck!

Davidrose optician has been in the heart of the European district since 2008. Their approach is all about ethics, quality and traceability, so they we work mainly with handmade European brands. If you don’t want to wear glasses they are fully equipped to fit soft and hard contact lenses, progressive or single vision – they are partners with in order to offer you the best prices and quality. They can also offer other options, depending on your needs. Thanks to their location, they have good experience in the reimbursement rules of the European institutions.