Confidence through dressing well


Research by psychologists has shown that we unconsciously make a judgement about someone within three seconds of meeting them, based purely on their appearance. Taking time to prepare how to introduce yourself to the world therefore pays huge dividends on all levels.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a graceful state of being, and an extremely attractive quality people cannot help but be drawn to. Yet achieving such a state of contentment can be a life’s work, especially when you need to dress for a variety of different occasions. The ability to do so is a step towards knowing yourself better and how you fit in the world.

The first thing to do when seeking clarity about what you wear is to make a plan; secondly: work that plan.

But when was the last time you reviewed your wardrobe and assessed whether your look truly reflects who you are now – making time to look after your wardrobe and maintain your appearance is an important support for a general sense of wellbeing. Doing so saves time, creates energy and reduces stress.

Feeling confident and comfortable with what we wear can make all the difference to trying to find a new job, win a new client, or develop new relationships. Knowing what suits us and how to shine even when dressed down is an invaluable part of feeling well every day. There is a balance between wearing the same thing every day and the flexibility of expressing personality through your clothes.

Knowing one’s wardrobe is like knowing one’s self. Think about the season you are in and whether your wardrobe matches it. Pack away summer clothes in autumn and vice versa in spring. Schedule a ‘wardrobe service’ into your diary at least twice a year with the changing of the seasons and cull old and worn-out items and assess where the gaps are. Refreshing your closet in this practical way means whole new outfits and looks can be created with just a few essential well-thought out items.

Colour can enhance sociability, it can change your mood, and can be used as an aid to send a message, be it political, sexual or that it’s time to have some fun. For instance, my grandmother told me to always wear white when travelling – it looks the freshest.

Important is to find out what colours suit you the best. This can be done by spending time in front of the mirror holding different coloured fabrics across your chest. What you are looking for is the difference in the light and look of your face. Some will bring you to life and other colours will make you look as if you have moments left to live. Ask a friend to help or get your colour chart done by a professional colourist.

Be it artistic, sporty, or dramatic, think about the times you have looked your best and what kind of style it was. Get feedback from friends and family asking them what sort of clothes you were wearing when you and they thought you looked your best. It is also useful to find out how to dress for your body shape. This information is easily found online for both men and women.

Wherever your research leads you, it is important to take time out for yourself and be prepared to act on your findings.