Control catches 78% of drivers speeding


On Saturday night into Sunday, 78% of those driving through the Bailli tunnel in Ixelles were over the speed limit, according to Brussels prosecutors. A concerted police effort clocked the vehicles as they exited the tunnel. Police withdrew 16 licenses on the spot, meaning an immediate ban.

The speed control, organized jointly by Brussels and Ixelles police officers, was put into place from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am on 7 and 8 September. A total of 813 vehicles were checked and 17 of them intercepted.

The maximum permitted speed on this stretch is 50 km per hour. However, the average speed recorded was 64 km per hour and the maximum speed 121 km per hour.

At the end of August, as part of a European initiative baptized Speed, 31,591 drivers in Belgium were caught: 11.508 by fixed radar and the rest by mobile devices. The speed record was registered in the Province of Namur: 220 km per hour!

“The results show once again the need for this kind of action,” said Chief Superintendent Michael Jonniaux, director of the Federal Highway Police. “Our prevention efforts alone cannot, unfortunately, bring about a change in the behavior of some drivers