Damien Foundation: The butterfly effect


Born among the meteorologists in the early 1970’s, the idea is that the flapping wings of a butterfly in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas. Since then, the butterfly effect has entered into our ideas and speech, but always with a negative, even catastrophic impact.

Yet the butterfly effect can also be positive. I can last a long time. Since 1964, to be precise. That was the year Action Damien was born. For 50 years, the foundation has been treating leprosy and tuberculosis. Millions of men, women and children have returned to health, hope and dignity. For them, the Damien Foundation logo, the ‘butterfly from the heart’, has really had a dramatic effect: it changed their lives and that of their families for the better.

Every year, tuberculosis affects eight to 10 million patients worldwide, and nearly 1.5 million die (one every 20 seconds!). The annual leprosy count is estimated at more than 230,000 new patients, who may suffer mutilation and exclusion if they are not treated in time. But each year, Damien spreads its wings. In 2013, the medical teams that it support screened and treated 329,592 leprosy, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis patients. 329,592 people can get healthy and have a future thanks to all those who help the Damien Foundation in Belgium. Raise or donate and you can create a butterfly effect and save a patient.

The foundation runs a yearly funds drive but you can donate all year round (tax deductible from €40) and save lives at the other end of the world.

Action Damien, Bd Léopold II, 263, 1081 Brussels

02 422 59 13

IBAN : BE05 0000 0000 7575


campagne@actiondamien.be www.actiondamien.be