Daniel Camus: Electromyostimulation for well-being

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In the realm of sports and well-being, there are exceptional individuals who go far beyond the mere pursuit of physical fitness. They push boundaries to inspire and assist others in achieving their fitness goals. Among these visionaries is Daniel Camus, an accomplished athlete and the founder of Body Training Studios in Belgium and Spain.

Born in the Belgian capital, Daniel Camus is passionate about improving physical performance, a passion that has guided his journey since a young age. After a 17-year career as a professional first-division footballer, he ventured into the event management industry while nurturing dreams of working in the sports world as a physical fitness trainer.

A transformative technological advance

It was during his training as a professional footballer that Daniel Camus came across electromyostimulation (EMS). EMS quickly won him over due to its unmatched effectiveness. 

“EMS quickly won [Camus] over due to its unmatched effectiveness”

“We are the only ones to follow European standards in the field in Belgium,” says Camus. “To do this, we have an academy dedicated to the training of our coaches. EMS has a medical methodology, so it should not be taken lightly.”

EMS works by sending electric impulses to electrodes placed on the skin near to the muscles stimulating a muscle contraction. Professional sports coaches use it as a complementary technique in their training methodology. A peer reviewed paper in sports science found that a 12-week EMS training program demonstrated beneficial effects on muscle strength and power in elite rugby players on particular strength tests.

 “EMS is a whole-body training method”

EMS is a whole-body training method that combines the electric activation of muscle fibres, using the Miha Bodytec device with simple and targeted body weight exercises. Using medically certified equipment, it is carried out under the guidance and instruction of a trained supervisor with a clearly defined focus on prevention and therapy. It has the capacity to stimulate deep muscle and has the great benefit of working without loads, meaning that there is no stress placed on the joints. 

 “It is estimated that a 20-minute EMS session is equivalent to about four hours of intense gym work”

The other great advantage is that it is estimated that a 20-minute EMS session is equivalent to about four hours of intense gym workouts. To those of us with hectic schedules this is particularly welcome. Camus recommends no more than two sessions per week. There is also evidence to suggest that it helps those who suffer from lower-back pain – and that probably includes all of us who spend much of our day at our desks. 

Through Camus’ Body Training Centers this technology isn’t just available to elite sports people, thanks to a franchise approach the Body Training Centers are popping up across Belgium and more widely. For those who have never engaged in sports, EMS offers personalized guidance from the start, a feature not found in all traditional gyms.

Sessions starting from €15 to €35, depending on the package. To learn more go to the website: www.bodytrainingstudio.be