Discovering the open road: Spyder RT Roadster


In Portugal, in the heart of the Algarve, I had an appointment with the CAN-AM Spyder Roadster for a unique outdoor experience. I was in for a fascinating ride, with no little thanks due to advanced technology.

There are some ways of discovering the open road that, for the most part, are reserved only for athletes and pros. When I got the opportunity to discover this, I found it difficult to think outside the box, no doubt due to apprehension of the dangers involved or the fear of not being up to the task of driving anything other my own comfortable car.

So, out there between earth and sky, it was not without some trepidation that I prepared to ride a Spyder RT Roadster – the experience was simply too tempting. New to this, I took my first outing as a passenger. Comfortably installed, I enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes. I love new sensations, especially the combination of driving at speed and in the open air. It was like discovering a previously unfound meteor. I was bowled over.

When it was my turn to take command of the vehicle, it took me half an hour to tame my Spyder RT. Only then was I ready for the ride. As I took to the highways, I felt totally confident. It must be said that the Spyder is very easy to drive. Here the B license is sufficient, and there is no need to have ridden on two wheelers to drive three-wheeled bikes. A ride on the Spyder is safe, stable and comfortable.

I felt as if the CAN-AM Roadster had given me wings, and I enjoyed every moment because it provided the confidence and assurance that I needed. Seven automotive technologies have come together to create it: antilock braking system, anti-slip acceleration, stability control, semi-automatic transmission, power steering, reverse and cruise control, making it optimized for control, comfort and performance. It was a pleasure sensing the CAN-AM Spyder sticking to the road.

Having experience the ride as passenger and driver, I found that the seating is equally comfortable for both. The Spyder boasts plenty of storage space, an electric windshield, power steering, fuel efficiency (count on refuelling every 406km with an average of 100km/hour), a high torque powerful engine using Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACETM) and a six-speed gearbox for a smoother ride and better efficiency. With an ultra-chic, luxurious look, you will never go unnoticed on any terrain. This is escapism in its purest form.

I was delighted with this combination of performance, comfort and style. It allows you to have fun in tight corners and also wander off for relaxing, longer trips. Recently the design panel has been redesigned to facilitate better air circulation. To complete the experience, equip yourself with the range of CAN-AM Spyder Roadster garments and customize your bike with equipment and accessories designed by the brand. And, of course, you can choose your colour.

To enjoy this little gem, it will cost you between €21,000 and €30,000. There are dealers all over Belgium:

BRP’s vehicles span more than 60 sports, including SEA-DOO watercraft, SPARK SKI -DOO snowmobiles and CAN-AM quads.

Events such as the one I experienced take place organized all over Europe. Mmm… which one will I try next?

Getting there: TAP Airlines (Portuguese scheduled airline)

Accommodation: Algarve- CONRAD Reservations: