Education in Belgium: Montgomery International School’s latest innovation


In our latest Education in Belgium article we highlight how EIM’s special Creality 3D printer can design and build anything from ice cube trays to Warhammer Titans.

The explorers of the past and the families of today share a common problem. If you are venturing far from home, you must remember to take everything you need with you! History is full of gallant but doomed adventurers dragging boats across dry deserts and, in the current day, awash with beachside family picnics ruined because somebody forgot to pack the bottle opener. But what if you could make everything that you needed as soon as you needed it? As long as you can design the object and you have a 3D printer nearby, you can build it layer-by-layer.

At Montgomery International School (EIM), a private school near the Montgomery roundabout and the only one in Belgium to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes in either French/English (Bilingual) or fully Anglophone, students learn how to print plastic objects using a Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D printer.

In weekly information technology classes, students in the MYP (middle years programme – aged 11-16) have followed online tutorials to design objects such as vases, bottles, ice cube trays, paperclips and stamps using the computer-aided design (CAD) programme Fusion 360. With these skills they can use the printer to create objects for their club activities or MYP personal projects.

One of the school’s senior students, Alec, has a keen interest in the video game, Warhammer 40,000. In this game players go to battle using miniature figurines of orks, space commanders, wizards, knights and master engineers. This year he has been leading the EIM gaming club as a Diploma Programme Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) activity. He taught fellow students how to bring their plastic models to life with a few coats of paint. He has worked on a project over several months with the school’s 3D printer to build and paint a Titan that towers over its opponents on the battlefield.

After persevering through several failed prints, the impressive model is now complete. Unfortunately, there is no bottle opener attachment…

You are welcome to see the Creality 3D printer in action at one of EIM’s special open days on Friday 22 April, Friday 20 May or Monday 27 June.

Please email: to make an appointment. If you cannot attend any of these events, you can contact the school to make an appointment at another time to get the information required to enrol your children – and maybe take a look at the special 3D printer at the same time.

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