Egrégore entrepreneurs: The power of collective intelligence


Jérémie Vanopdenbosch explains about the values and workings of his Egrégore entrepreneurs group.

September 27, 2019, 8:00 am. A highly secret location and an oval table ready to welcome 10 experts, CEO and entrepreneurs from totally different backgrounds to meet and participate in what is called an Egrégore. What is an Egrégore business?

An Egrégore business is a collective of leaders and entrepreneurs who have similar ideas, common values, a goal and the same ideal of working together to exceed the innovative possibilities of each individual of the group.

This is the higher category of conference, seminar or mastermind meeting, according to more refined learning and more advanced strategies with a higher return in terms of development of knowledge, investment and business.

3 goals are included:
– Group together to share strategies, give advice, receive advice and reveal what works best now
– Create strong business relationships and partnerships to increase results for all members involved
– Build a community of experts with the ability to make individual intelligences converge towards something much stronger: collective intelligence

The power of collective intelligence
By creating bridges of knowledge, the complementarity of these ‘bridges’ could lead to extraordinary results and very significant win-win effects via a pooling of all this know-how. For example, a business executive can learn advanced techniques from a sports world Jérémie Vanopdenbosch explains about champion to achieve a vision and goals that are out of the ordinary, and likewise, a world champion of sport can learn from a great boss how to create a company, develop it and make it grow.