Elvis Pompilio And Schweppes Launch New Ad Campaign


The brand’s new look is also on show in a new cinema/TV advertising campaign featuring Hollywood actress Uma Thurman.

Schweppes, claims to be the first soft drink company in the world, founded in 1783 and historical elements are key to the new campaign, according to Denis Bastin, senior brand manager of Schweppes marketing.

The brand also has an iconic modernity that they want to maintain, that’s why they chose Elvis Pompilio to be the creative director of the new campaign.

Pompilio is best known for his hat creations, which he sells through his boutiques in Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and London. When Schweppes asked him to be a part of the project he was happy to do so, as it celebrates personal style. “Style isn’t about being rich or poor, it’s about originality,” Pompilio believes.

The collaboration between Schweppes and the artist is thought to be a success because Pompilio had artistic freedom to express the campaign’s message. There was one initial meeting to discuss the theme and Bastin trusted Pompilio to deliver the creative touch Schweppes needed. These included the straws and buttons designed by Pompilio as part of the campaign to highlight the new flavours and colouring used in the brands.