Enjoy the fruits of your labours at La Maison du Châtelain


Five-star Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel is renowned for its excellence in gastronomy. They now allow amateurs to cross the kitchen for their very popular cooking classes. The concept takes advantage of its location near the Châtelain food market, which takes place every Wednesday. Accompanied by the chef, eager participants head for the market to choose their ingredients. They return to the hotel to cook with him and finally taste their own work. It’s a very friendly environment and is accessible to everyone. Foodies will be delighted to be accepted into such a professional kitchen and to get to use top-of-the-line kitchen equipment when rustling up their dishes. Appetizers and wine are served during the workshop. A dinner room is set aside where they can join their fellow conspirators and enjoy the fruit of their labour.

The kitchen can cater for 10 to 50 willing chefs, every Wednesday for lunch or dinner. Various formulas and themes are offered to cook with friends, family or colleagues, and the size of a group can vary. The number of staff changes depending on the size of the group in order to ensure a perfect level of quality and service in a friendly atmosphere. Cooking classes are open to everyone – clients, visitors, beginners or qualified cooks.

Creative cuisine at La Maison du Châtelain

The chef organizing the cooking classes and in charge of the restaurant La Maison du Châtelain is Nicolas Gadomski, who hails from the north of France. He’s been the Executive Chef of Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel for over two years now. His cuisine highlights the authentic taste of the quality products he is working with, particularly vegetables, herbs and flowers that bring a variety of flavours and colours. He revisits the standards of French and Belgian gastronomies by adding some creativity and a touch of whimsy. He revels in creating surprises, and his dishes are a feast for the eyes, such as his foie gras in candyfloss or his salmon tartar.

General Information

Wednesday only, food market day in Place du Châtelain

Package for lunch or for dinner from 18h00

Groups of 10 to 50 persons

Price per person: €79 all-inclusive.

The offer includes:

– Welcome drink and briefing by the General Manager about the planning of the cooking class

– Shopping at the Place du Châtelain market, depending on the recipes (by groups of three or four persons)

– Pictures of the group during the entire workshop

– Explanation and supervision by the Chef

– Appetizers, snacks and drinks served during the Cooking Class

– Table service of all the dishes by the hotel staff

– Three-course meal homemade by the group and enjoyed by all

– Presentation and tasting of wines that suit the menu

– Souvenir photos and detailed recipes of the day given to all the participants


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Le Châtelain Boutique Hôtel

17 Rue du Châtelain, 1000 Bruxelles