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EVENTS BRUSSELS DANCE Visuel Brussels, dance 22 © JORGE LEON
Visuel Brussels, dance 22 © JORGE LEON

Our latest Events Brussels article talks about a remarkable dance event.

The seventh annual Brussels, dance! event will involve no fewer than 18 bi-communal cultural venues. The event will  highlight the diversity and richness of the choreographic scene in Brussels. And this  year an open-air exhibition will create a poetic atmosphere in the public sphere as part  of the mediation work that began with the development of an educational package as  part of Brussels, dance! in 2021.  

This year 18 bi-communal cultural venues — Le 140, Théâtre la Balsamine, La Bellone,  Beursschouwburg, Bozar, Les Brigittines, Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie, Contredanse,  Garage29, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Le Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Kaaitheater, KVS,  Le Théâtre Marni, Le Théâtre Mercelis, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Le Centre culturel  d’Uccle, Le Théâtre Varia / Studio Thor — are pooling their dance programming under the  umbrella of Brussels, dance! The event aims to enhance the visibility of today’s dance artists,  who need support now more than ever.  

To encourage audience members to move from one cultural venue to another, five theme based circuits have been created as part of the 2022 programming. A dance that asks  questions (dance and engagement), a dance that brings us together (dance and relationships),  a dance that makes us laugh (dance and humour), a dance to listen to (dance and music), and  dance in all its forms (dance and hybrid art forms) will be the keywords of the 7th edition of this  event. The themes mirror the ones taken up in the educational package on the history of dance  in Belgium created as part of last year’s Brussels, dance! in order to offer up new perspectives  for reading and learning about Brussels, dance! shows.  

In addition to the dance programming, the open-air exhibition developed in collaboration with  Lise Bruyneel (La fabrique des regards) will have its opening take place during the event.  Over 40 drapery panels printed with photos from the Contredanse archives will be hung in a  number of streets in the Brussels-Capital Region. A poetic and unexpected way to inspire  curiosity and evoke wonder about movement among the passers-by.
3 March to 30 April 2022

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