Fitness Belgium: Discover Aspria’s key to fitness success survey


Our latest fitness Belgium article we look at how to use professional advice.

At the beginning of each year, many decide to take up sport (again). Unfortunately, most give up soon afterwards. To better understand why that happens, but also to identify the motivating factors for those who continue their training routine, Aspria, the leading collection of fitness and wellbeing members’ clubs, conducted a survey in collaboration with iVox. Here are their findings.

How to keep active
Certainly, there are many reasons why we like to work out, from keeping fit to relaxing or getting a much needed boost of energy. The survey, conducted among the active Belgian population between the ages of 30 and 60 confirmed this, but also identified additional motivations. In the context of the current pandemic, it appears that Belgians exercise mainly to increase their immunity (73%), to fight boredom (75%) and to make new contacts in a safe environment while training in a club (61%).

Nevertheless, an active lifestyle requires a long-term commitment for optimal results, so how can these good habits be maintained?

Professional guidance
Two out of three Belgians say that it is easier to keep their fitness resolutions if they are supervised by a professional, and indicate that a tailor-made training programme would motivate them to exercise. 69% of the respondents consider it is essential to be able to monitor their progress in order to maintain their physical activity. In addition, the majority of respondents have difficulties determining on their own which information is accurate and most suitable for them, when it comes to working out. Half of those surveyed would therefore like to have a personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals. 

“To exercise correctly and stick to it, it is important to have professional advice”, confirms Florent Rivault, Wellbeing Manager at Aspria Royal La Rasante. “Our personalized service, AspriaPro Health, enables us to analyze your biological age, which reflects the state of your body. Based on this, we can support you in your training without causing injury, and thus improve your wellbeing and prevent possible illnesses such as diabetes or obesity.”

A variety of wellbeing services
In addition to professional support, other factors that would help respondents keep active include: the possibility of exercising outdoors (61%) and working out with others (58%).

Pleasant sporting facilities offering many types of activities are the most important factor, however. In fact, 74% of Belgians would feel more motivated to exercise if there were better ways to combine work, family time and physical activity, confirming that having working spaces available within their sports club would be an excellent solution.

Moreover, 54% of respondents find it important that the club provides wellness facilities. It is interesting to note that 81% of Brussels residents even consider this to be an additional motivation, twice as many as in Flanders and 30% more than in Wallonia.

1 in 3 Belgians give up because of overcrowded venues
When asked about the main reason for not exercising, respondents most often mentioned lack of time due to work (23%) and physical complaints (20%), with bad weather being cited as well (11%).  Furthermore, working Belgians state that it is their work that leads them to do less sport than they would like to, as 73% of them generally do not feel like going out to do sport in the evening after a working day.

As far as sports clubs are concerned, the biggest requirement is individual space to exercise in peace and quiet. In fact, 81% of sports club members consider it essential that the club is not too busy, respondents mentioning their greatest frustration is to arrive at a crowded fitness club.

Professional guidance and variety are key success factors to keep your motivation. On top of this, choose the right club for you.

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