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Alcalica- Greek Electro-Oriental

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In April 2013 Alcalica is touring from Berlin to Lesbos to present its new album non lavoreremo mai (we will never work), photovoltaic records, Berlin.
Juggling with hardware electronics and oriental instruments alcalica produces broken beats and
beautiful melodies, sincere and enchanting dance music with deep female vocals in several languages.
Born in a Berlin cellar from a music producer and a poet in 2005, the duo tours Europe and releases its first vinyl within the year. Gentrification takes over, so they pack their studio and set it up mostly on the road, often in Greece, keeping Berlin as a base. They fall under the spell of precious traditional instruments, tour as a way of living, encounter extraordinary musicians and release 5 vinyls.
Over the years Alcalica has played hundreds of gigs all over Europe appearing in large festivals such as Fusion (D), Portello River Festival (I), Athens World Jazz Music Festival (Gr). It has
opened for acclaimed names such as Ross Daily (Gr), A Hawk and a Hacksaw (USA) and Baba Zula (Tr). It has collaborated with internationally recognized musicians, most recently with Brenna Mac Crimmon (Ca) and recorded with Baba Zula (Tr) for their album Gececondu as well as remixed several of their tracks.
Filmmakers, choerographers, theater plays and advertisers have commissioned the band to produce soundtracks for their work calling on the identity of Alcalica’s sound morphing -before you know it from cinematic track to punchy jungle.
Drum machines are fed samples of own recorded sounds, layers of rhythms may feature samba,
elektro, jungle and tsiftetelli in the same song, the riffs played on the Persian santoor, the baglamas or the kalimba are filtered through effects: getting fat and dirty or airy and crystalline. The vocals playing with words and languages switch from monotonous dark voice to melodic tribal chant. All elements are synchronized live on stage or live in the studio. In the fashion used by jazzmen, we know the parts, we know what sounds good together but it is largely improvised. No song gets played the same way in different circumstances. The place, the moment and the people surrounding us always have an influence on the music.

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