Friday, April 19, 2024
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British Chamber 1st edition of “Expat Financial Affairs”

All Day

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When you came to Belgium, you may have got the answers to the questions you had when you arrived, but now that you have been here one, ten, twenty or more years, you have different questions about money and personal finance, saving and investing, buying real property, banking and insurance, pension planning, tax and estate planning …

You know how these issues are dealt with at home, but very often the procedures, timings, options, are different in Belgium and when you face an issue you might not always know where you need to go or whom you need to talk to, to find the answer or find yourself blocked because the info is only available in French or Dutch.

“Expat Financial Affairs”, a one day event organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, is one afternoon filled with conferences, interactive and instructive workshops on money issues for expatriates living in Belgium. You can expect practical answers to what is relevant to you from people who understand you and who are willing to listen.

The programme of the day will consist of workshops with loads of investment tips, strategic long term investments in the stock market, insight into savings formulas, inheritance planning and real estate investments. And top up the programme, we will also have some general interest topics with high level speakers.

Key speakers

Steven Vanackere – Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Belgian Minister of Finance and Sustainable Development (keynote)

Jean-Michel Van Cottem – Director Policy, International Relations and Market infrastructure FSMA (keynote)

Guy Jorion – Tax Partner BDO

Marc Quaghebeur – Partner De Broeck Van Laere & Partners

Carsten Brzeski – Senior Economist ING

Dave Deruytter – Head of Expatriates & Non-residents

Patrick Martens – Owner Sagis

Eric Laurent – Partner, Eryv

Christophe Vande Walle – Franklin Templeton Investments

Gregory Goossens – Taxpatria

Katie Boag-Thomson – Fulcra

Guy Haentjens – HPG Belgium

Marc Hammer – BLI Banque de Luxembourg Investments S.A.

John Batty – Skandia

Laurent Misonne – SEB Asset Management S.A.

Maaike Decoster – SEB Asset Management S.A.

Peter Langridge – The Fry Group

Christopher Thubron – Moore Stephens

Sheraton Hotel, Place Rogier, Brussels