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MAD Brussels presents Museum of Costume and Lace

24/10/2013 - 27/10/2013
All Day

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As part of the 13th edition of Mode Parcours:

MAD MODE presents Film and Fashion with Jean-Michel Bertrand, Professor of luxury and brand communication at the French Institute of Fashion and Aestethics and film analysis to the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

The not-so-secret love affair between film and fashion has produced Both film and fashion have helped to visualize and popularize behaviors; ways of living and speaking that were new and unfamiliar. Fashion’s role in Film is to dress the actors and actresses in garments, thereby giving them a “Look”. Fashion has become an asset to sublimate the body of stars, objects of dreams and desires.

Welcome begins at 19h15

Conference begins at 19h30

Cocktails at the Museum of Costume and lace, and visit the expo “Seventies, everyone is daring.”

Obligated reservations:


Limited places


BE83 0682 4232 4215 BME ASBL

name + first name + LDM4

Price: 8 euros – 4 euros for students








MAD Brussels Center for Mode and Design, Brussels