Exhibition on Korean traditional culture


The Korean Cultural Center Brussels has inaugurated its first exhibition of 2024, a unique showcase of Korean traditional culture encapsulated within three distinct “boxes”. 

The boxes are themed around the Hanok, a traditional Korean house. The boxes are replicas of traditional Korean elements, offering visitors a glimpse into three aspects of Korean life: one box represents the life of a man, another the life of a woman, and the third encapsulates general Korean culture. Each box is a microcosm of various unique elements. The exhibition will also feature traditional instruments and skillfully crafted furniture. Additionally, visitors are invited to partake in a Hanbok experience, where guests can try on traditional clothing and capture the moment with photographs. This exhibition promises a comprehensive and immersive journey into the heart of Korean culture.

In the Hanok, a quintessential traditional Korean house, distinct zones were allocated for men and women, reflecting their unique roles in traditional Korean culture. This is why the upcoming exhibition features different types of boxes for each gender. The woman’s box showcases her role in sewing, while the man’s box illustrates his duty to study and appreciate the arts, such as drawing or playing an instrument. This gender distinction, a significant aspect of traditional Korean culture, will be exemplified in the exhibition. 

The Exhibition on Korean traditional culture offers a direct and immersive experience of Korean culture. Key elements of a Hanok, namely the Sarangbang (the space for men where they studied and greeted guests), Anbang (a place to nurture children), and Annyeong (a comprehensive repository of all things Korean, housing the Taegeukgi – Korean flag, the Korean Alphabet, and a world globe), will be on display in the hall of the Korean Cultural Center. But what exactly are these elements? Visit to find out in this enlightening journey into the heart of Korean tradition.

Korean Cultural Center, 4 rue de la Régence 

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 12 – 7 pm, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on Korean, Belgian and European holidays

Until 31 May