Facing up to Yourself



The five answers to the following question are probably the most important answers you will ever make. Pay attention. Wait for a quiet time to ask and answer this question. Here it is. Write down five issues in your life you need to deal with. Then write down three consequences that will happen if you don’t. These eight answers can radically change your life. Without facing these issues you are just existing and not living.


In order to fundamentally change our lives we need to go through a three-stage process. First, we need to become aware of our problems and difficulties and secondly we need to accept them. Many people fail at this stage. They know they have a difficulty in their marriage and even that it’s over but don’t accept it and then live in silent pain. Can you really handle these consequences? When you accept your life as it truly is, the strengths and weaknesses that you have, then you will take action. The action you take will transform your life and bring you to a life of your dreams. The key to dreams is action.


If you don’t feel you’re worth it you will sabotage all the good things that will come your way. You will make excuses to delay your happiness. A person who is living their dreams has indestructible self-esteem. They are not dependent on other people, especially attention from the opposite sex, to provide it. Their self-esteem is self-generated. Traditionally male and female self esteem was different. Female self esteem was based on being ‘ornamental’ and male self esteem was based on being ‘instrumental’. This has changed quite a bit and is now a mixture of both. Women now want to be seen as instrumental as much as they are ornamental and so do guys. You have to increase your self-esteem, which will raise your standards about what you will and will not accept in your life and its quality.


There is not a person alive that does not have an ‘everybody council’. This, in most cases, stops them from revealing their human excellence because of what ‘everybody’ would say. I often ask my clients to look at who is on this committee – in many cases, we pass a vote of no confidence and fire who is there. My clients often go on to appoint amazing people to the Ministry of Everybody. Madonna is in charge of their social lives, Anthony Robbins is minister without portfolio, Dr Phil dealing with the family, Richard Branson for feeling the fear and doing it anyway, the potential combinations are endless. What would your life would be like if they were on the organising committee?


Who are you? Do you really know where you are going? If you don’t – then any direction will do. There is more reason for people to have a mission statement than a company. What is your mission statement? What are you here to do? Write down a paragraph of what your life is about and means. What are you waiting for? Go get it!