Family time in Wallonia


Spring is with us – it’s time to stick to stick your nose outside and head for Wallonia, packed with activities and stunning landscapes. And it’s on Brussels’ doorstep.

Indeed, many attractions re-open their doors in the spring. This is an opportunity to organize day trips (or longer) and discover the different activities as a family.

Together has selected just a few activities from a multitude of choices. Make sure to check the site for their hours.

Recreation centre and wildlife parks
In Namur the Pirouette recreation centre is aimed at a young audience (0-12 years). Let your kids get organized in a Canadian-style game module – the very little ones will love the space.

On the banks of the Semois discover Récréalle, where the whole family can make a day of it, descending the river by kayak, playing mini golf, riding electric mini-quads, cycling or hopping aboard the mini-train to the mines.

For a change of pace head for La Roche wildlife park, where you’ll walk among  lynx, foxes, deer, wolves and a herd of wild boar in an environment close to their natural lifestyle. Check out the fun and educational journey among the birds of the forest. There will be plenty to talk about at bed-time.

If rain threatens to stop play, discover the PASS Scientific Adventure Park. Children and parents skip class together in an interactive and fun way. PASS helps visitors understand how the world changes through the development of science and technology. Topics such as genetics, health, robots, television and sports are all up for discussion. There’s also a panoramic elevator and a playground. PASS has already welcomed more than 500,000 visitors since it opened.

Bastogne War Museum
Located just a stone’s throw from the famous Mardasson Memorial, the Bastogne War Museum represents a new way to remember the past, specifically devoted to the Second World War in Belgium. We are offered a fresh perception in a modern and interactive framework of the causes, events and consequences of World War II through the lens of the Ardennes Counteroffensive – the ‘Battle of the Bulge’.

Museum out of the ordinary
Gone are the days of boredom at the museum. An initiative by members of the association Museums and Society in Wallonia aims to enable young people to visit the museum in a playful way (special guide, special welcome, treasure hunts etc). These activities use various themes such as art, archaeology, science, technology and industry. More than 40 museums are participating in the project throughout the year in Brussels and Wallonia.

The Battle of Waterloo
In June 2015, be at the very heart of the grandiose reconstruction of an event which continues to speak to the collective imagination: the Battle of Waterloo! To commemorate the Bicentenary of a battle that left Europe stunned and that was instrumental in determining the future of our regions, the ASBL ‘Bataille de Waterloo 1815’ is planning the most impressive reconstruction ever seen in Europe: 5,000 re-enactors, 300 horses and 100 canons.

Attend two exceptional re-enactments of two different phases of the Battle. These shows promise to be different, fun for all, and full of emotions on the front line. You will also have the opportunity to visit the museums, take a wander through the bivouacs and discover life as it was for the troops 200 years ago.
Feature photo: Chantal Crêvecoeur
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