Greek food truck brings healthy eating to Brussels


At a time when fast food and convenience has overtaken healthy eating and taking care of our body, estimates have shown that over 50% of both men and women in the WHO European Region were overweight, and roughly 23% of women and 20% of men were obese. To counter this epidemic, people are looking to substitute these unhealthy choices for something more nutritious. However, these people are also demanding that there be more choices offered by vendors. This is what the owners of Greece on Wheels had in mind when starting their venture.

Using a truck as their mode of transportation, and the food as their median, they wanted to take the healthier side of Greek cuisine to the people in Belgium. Their food truck concept combines Greek cooking, nutritious choices, and great value. Although a rather limited menu, their focus was to have great tasting food from high‐quality ingredients. They want to give a satisfying food truck experience while transporting you to authentic Greece.

Not only are they promoting healthier eating based on Greek cuisine, but they are also choosing to be more responsible with their choices. They have chosen to use local Greek products from small producers, one in particular being a social enterprise. The olive oil they use, evo3, is an extra virgin organic olive oil that is not only a premium quality olive oil, but it also helps the environment. Its concept is that for every bottle sold, one tree will be planted in a deforested area in Africa, while creating employment for those in need. This is a unique concept in the olive oil industry, which shows the commitment that the owners of Greece on Wheels have made to themselves as well as to their customers.

Greece on Wheels will be in different locations around the Brussels area serving hungry customers looking for a healthy alternative. They can also be hired for private engagements. The authentic products they use, as well as the olive oil, evo3, can also be purchased through them.