Guests steal the bride’s car in Liège


A newly-married bride from Dahlem in the province of Liège will never forget her wedding night… but for all the wrong reasons.

On Friday night, two men in their twenties from Trooz and Liege were invited to a friend’s wedding and promptly stole her car. They were arrested behind the wheel of the car and appeared before the Court of Liège on Sunday.

The wedding party was in full swing as guests celebrated the happy occasion. The two men left the festivities and made their way to the bride’s home. They broke in, and then made off with her car to continue partying in the Liège region.

They drove the Mini to Tilff, and later headed for the famous Le Carré neighbourhood of Liège to drink the night away. The following day, the two men were arrested at the wheel of the stolen vehicle. They explained to police officers from the Secova zone that they were intoxicated and recognized that they had made “a big mistake”. They have been jailed, and their case has been referred to the Liège public prosecutor’s office.