Hair care: Furterer hair rituals go back to the roots


In our regular health and beauty pages this month we look at a company who has blazed a trial in hair care.

Pioneer René Furterer was the first, in 1957, to recognize the importance of the scalp in hair care rituals. An expert in hair health for over 60 years, the brand relies on essential oils, a true René Furterer signature – these are precious ingredients both for their effectiveness and for the extraordinary sensory journey.

In 1957, René Furterer explained his unique approach to how we should look after our hair and scalp, saying: “Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, just like a plant on fertile soil.”

A healthy, balanced scalp is a strong scalp capable of giving birth to a beautiful head of hair that is full of vitality. Indeed, it is on this living surface that the hair bulbs are anchored.

Back to the roots!
This is why taking care of your scalp is not an option, it is a vital gesture.

The deeply beneficial effect of essential oils
René Furterer has forged a strong and unique expertise in scalp care, which has led him to develop an expert approach in the use of essential oils, the powerful ingredients that rebalance the scalp. Start each hair ritual with the application of a concentrate of essential oils to prepare the scalp – this is how René Furterer envisions hair care.

Learn the correct reflexes!
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