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In search of healing Happiness coaches Gaëlle Jadoul and Christophe Finot lead you up the path to goodness.

Deciding what is beneficial in life is an essential question because it is the key to your balance, your well-being and your happiness.

Who has never said to herself/himself:
• If I had known, I would never have done this.
• I find it hard to exist, I am afraid of the future, I am sick of living.
• Another disease to deal with. • Why is this happening to me?

We spend our lives building our ego and strengthening our mind. There is always a quest to satisfy our appetite for having. But what about our being, our inner self, our soul?

What if our balance, our well-being and our happiness are blocked?

We know the physical blockages but there are so many others:
• Emotional (fear, persecution, humiliation, rejection, devaluation…)
• Affective • Family
• Professional
• Psychosomatic (syndromes, phobias…)

Did you know that more than 80% of our life is driven by our emotions? Not only the ones we release, but also those we have inherited from unresolved past conflicts.

In fact, behind people’s uneasiness and anguish lie blockages, fears, and traumas from the earliest age to adulthood that we have great difficulty in apprehending, understanding or integrating and to which they all remain linked. In any case, all these blockages keep hindering our adult development in the present, in the “here and now.”

The answer is that everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our feelings are energy. Our world is energy. But what is energy?

A call from a loved one, good news that we were no longer expecting – and we overflow with energy. It then appears to be linked to our emotions, but not only… it is also linked to our food, our environment, our hormones and much more…

In other words, energy is an emotional source that determines our behaviour, our attitudes, our well-being or ill-being.

Energy exists everywhere, whether it is scientific (Albert Einstein’s formula e = mc²), psychic (Sigmund Freud’s libido), or spiritual (the vital energy in the Hindu spiritual tradition).

The one we are interested in today is vital energy. So let us take a closer look at what vital energy is.

Vital energy or bio-energy is a flow that circulates throughout the body and the organism. It actually flows through the meridians that connect all our organs. With the help of vital energy, we can feed the energy centres of the body called chakras (seven in total).

In concrete terms, vital energy is indispensable. Breath and breathing are basic examples of vital energy that is essential for life and for our inner balance.

When this vital energy circulates in a harmonious and balanced way, everything is fine. On the other hand, if this energy is depleted or if the flow is disrupted by poor nutrition, stress or an emotional blockage, then everything goes wrong, leaving the door open to pathologies such as fatigue, general malaise or stress.

The fact is that there is never any chance involved in what happens to us. Everything has a conscious or unconscious, temporal or timeless, endogenous or karmic, telluric origin… a whole in which we are connected to others and of which we are the key, here and now. When we live in a situation where discomfort is omnipresent, no matter what we try to do or change, if the original source of the discomfort is not healed and the vital energy restored, we will only suffer all the blockages in our life.

The release of all these blockages is therefore essential to eliminate the stagnant pathological energy and live life to its full potential. Without healing, personal and spiritual growth does not go further. When we heal, we rebalance our energy and connection to our body and everything around us. The good news is that bioenergy is the extraordinary therapeutic key to regaining this harmony within us and to achieving our happiness.

But how? What can it do?
To answer this question is to become aware that our life is not going well or as we would like it to be, to become aware of this discomfort and then to want to change things, to take care of ourselves. This is not always easy because some people choose to avoid discomfort rather than choose healing because yes, healing requires courage with the ultimate reward being rebirth… a true rebirth of our whole being for life. And what can bioenergy do for us in answer to the question: What do I need to work on?
• To release all the causes that block my healing
• To release the wounds, doubts, fears, blockages that are obstructing my life path
• To release all thoughts of insecurity that prevent my happiness
• To let go of all the problems that are blocking me
• To have the will and the strength to make all these beneficial changes

Are you ready for these changes? If yes, are you ready to live your life? Do you want to know more? Please contact Gaëlle Jadoul, Hypnosis & Happiness Coach: +32 479 352 606 or at g@gaellesecrets.com or Christophe Finot, Energy & Happiness Coach: +33 621 318 329 or at c@gaellesecrets.com

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