Happy New Year from Together


It’s been a great year for Together. Our page number has grown, and we also produced a wellbeing supplement called Healthy. Look out for further supplements next year. We’d like to thank all our readers for your support and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, read some of the interviews with the stars who graced our pages in 2014.

Brad Pitt
There’s a sense of liberation to turning 50. You feel freed to focus only on meaningful things because you become much more aware of time. You’ve gone through different stages and cleared away the stuff that slows you down.  As a father, I also have a sense of responsibility to my children and wanting to give them a beautiful life. Things are much clearer.

Salma Hayek
When there is so much fighting and conflict it becomes even more important to send messages of peace and universality. This film talks about shared values and our basic connection with nature and love. I hope children will be encouraged to embrace and follow their creativity and sense of imagination and that it will give them some hope that they can find beauty in the world.

Richard Branson
I’m passionate about life and I’m passionate about all the things that the team at Virgin have created. It would be very sad if everybody else was working enormously hard to make sure that the company they work for is the best in the world and I wasn’t equally as excited and passionate. I’m as interested as I was thirty years ago.”

Diane Kruger
I’m not a big gym person. I like hiking and bicycling. I just like living life. Seriously, I love hanging out with my friends and travelling and seeing the world on my own, at my own pace. I really enjoy just having free time with my loved ones.

Hugh Jackman
My father. When I look back and think about how he was able to look after my brothers and I after our mum left. It’s staggering to imagine how he dealt with having a very important job and then being able to have the energy and willingness to be there for us. Whatever strength of character and determination I have in life I get from Chris.

Angelina Jolie
I spent a lot of time at home working on her voice, trying out different variations of a British accent and also lowering my voice to make her seem more sinister. I would practice and see how my kids reacted and when they started to smile or pay very close attention then I knew I was on the right track.

Photo: 久留米市民(Kurume-Shimin)