Health and fitness: Fit Boxing


Boxing workout for me? Are you kidding me? No way! You might be positively surprised by all the benefits it delivers.

For any level, any age or either gender, boxing has so much to offer. You don’t need to be exceptionally fit to come and join one of the many boxing group classes at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi. What you need is your motivation; the rest follows easily. Forget all the stereotypes and give it a try.

Classes are created depending on your need to give you the kind of fitness workout you are looking for, combining a full body workout with cardio exercises and learning the techniques that have given boxing the name the ‘noble art’.  We go deep inside to bring out all negativity and transform it to positivity – does that makes sense? Through a complete body warm up we develop your agility, increase your cardio capacity and strengthen your muscles.  You won’t gain muscle, but your body will be strengthened and conditioned, you’ll lose weight and feel better because you’re healthier.

You might think the power comes from your arms but it comes from your hips. Save your energy and ask your body to help you. Boxing is a complete coordination workout where each part of your body plays a role. This is why at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi, every member feels so happy after each class, in complete harmony and peace with their entire body.  We work as a team even if the effort is individual. We motivate each other when the workout becomes harder. We take pride in what we achieve after a long day of deadlines, stress… and we go back home to sleep like a baby!

It’s all about hard work and dedication. Boxing has never been such fun. Keep in mind that the will is more important than the skills.


1. Stay calm and never stop breathing out when you punch. Always look at your target when you punch

2.  Learn to keep your eyes open during the heat of the battle

3.  Throw short hooks, short uppercuts and short rights but long jabs

4.  Don’t work out till complete failure. If you go until failure every day of the week without reason, you’ll probably over train and quit boxing very soon

5.  Drinks one cup of water every hour minimum

6. Make friends in the gym, be humble and have fun

7. Don’t waste energy showing off on the bag, nobody cares. Stay calm and punch lighter on the bag so you can last more rounds, keep your form together and punch sharp

8. Punch as fast as your body can turn so you won’t sacrifice power. Use your whole body instead of just the arms to punch.

Rachid Mallem is Wellbeing Manager at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi