Health & Fitness: Saint Malo’s Baby Thalasso


Health & Fitness: Sophie Van Cruchten, a young mother from Brussels, tested the ‘Mother-Baby’ thalasso treatment in Saint-Malo and offers her impressions.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life, but when, like me, you have to remain lying down during the last three months before delivery, you end up with pins and needles and you begin to dream of escape… So when my little Achille was two months old, I wanted to take off for a bit of recreation and replenish my body. I needed a vacation, but there was no way I would separate myself from my child. A friend told me about the ‘Mother-Baby’ “thalasso” treatment proposed by the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo. Relax by the seaside and discover the benefits of massage with my baby: what a great idea! Without hesitation, I booked my treatment and my train ticket.

Arriving in Brittany: Brussels to Saint-Malo by TGV takes five and half hours with only one connection. When I arrived at the Grand Hotel des Thermes I was immediately charmed by the architecture of the place. The hotel is majestic, with large volumes and an imposing facade that faces the sea. In my spacious room I was pleased to discover a baby bath, a changing table, a sterilizer for bottles and a bottle warmer. I had a beautiful view of the bay of Saint-Malo. The waterfront is full of houses dating from early last century. Here, there are no buildings that spoil the landscape. I felt immediately relaxed.

My personalized menu: The receptionist asked me to choose the type of half board I would like: Diet or Gastronomic. Since I had given birth just a few weeks back, I had a few kilos to lose so I thought the dietary formula would be perfect. I was not disappointed. During my stay I tasted refined, succulent dishes such as baked lobster and local Brittany oysters.

My treatment: During my three-day Mother-Baby treatment I was treated like a princess. From the therapy exercise pool with hydromassage jets to the benefits of relaxing treatments, everything was designed for pure relaxation. It was a unique opportunity to recharge my batteries and regain possession of my body. Meanwhile, my baby was looked after by nice nursery nurses who are graduates of Club Enfant – he was so spoiled! Icing on the cake, I even attended a session of personalized awakening massage under the supervision of a physiotherapist who explained to me the correct techniques to use when massaging my child. Guess what? Achille loved it!

I came back to Brussels fully replenished, and when I climbed on the scale I had a great surprise: I had lost two kilos! Vive St. Malo!

Mother-Baby treatment
3 days, 12 treatments
Stay at the Grand Hôtel des Thermes*****  – 3 days/3 nights from €1,059