Henin and Clijsters Possible for Olympics


Tennis rivals Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin have suggested that they may play doubles at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Matches will take place at the world famous tennis centre Wimbledon and both Belgian stars appear keen to participate after both coming out of retirement to continue their careers recently and Henin played a show game against Clijsters in Antwerp last night.

“There is a real willingness to be there,” said Henin said. “We can already think about it. Everything is
open to consider this.”

Clijsters in a press conference following the match suggested that 2012 could be her last season playing tennis.

“2012 is still far away and we have not seen each other since July,” Clijsters said. “But we will certainly talk about it. Obviously for the Olympics, it would be beautiful. It would be nice to go out in such a way.”

The tennis pair have never enjoyed the closest relationship and have only once played doubles together,  but their relationship has improved in the past two years.

Prior to the show match Henin announced a sponsorship deal with the Japanese health drink Tao. The top 20 tennis player said during the press conference that the drink was the, “only one I am allowed to have
following a training session by my trainer. It is very good for rehydration and recovery.”