Holiday traffic: From red to green


The organization Touring announced a ‘code red’ weekend on the roads in Europe this coming weekend. In Belgium, departures begin this Friday at noon and continue into Saturday morning. As factories and offices empty, Touring predicts heavy traffic on the E40 Brussels-Ostend and the E411 Brussels-Ardennes, especially if the good weather returns. Sunday night will be heavily charged, especially on the E40 Brussels-Ostend.

Switzerland and the French region of Ile-de-France on Friday will also be a ‘code red’ day for departures. Traffic for the rest of France will be ‘code orange’. In Austria, the traffic should be dense, but no traffic jams are expected.

Saturday’s traffic across Europe is traditionally problematic southbound between 08h00 and 16h00. Touring advises travelers to leave on Sunday which is ‘code green’. Only Germany has marked Sunday as ‘code orange’ with heavy traffic and some jams likely.

The early returning travelers are expected this weekend. The motoring organization says the flow will be dense but it has marked it ‘code yellow’. However, Saturday is ranked ‘orange’ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Italy and Spain, heavy traffic on major roads is expected on Saturday. In France, Monday, July 14, the day of the national holiday, will be classified ‘orange’.

Photo: Fir0002