In Memoriam Jeremy Slater


Publisher David McGowan writes: We are truly saddened by the sudden death of Jeremy Slater.  He was a trusted friend, a great writer and made an outstanding contribution to the success of Together Media.  I will be forever grateful to Jeremy for the confidence he displayed in the future of the website and of the magazine, as well as the effort he put into launching and maintaining this website, in which he invested time, energy and passion. 

Colin Moors writes: As Jeremy would have expected of me, I tried to search for a suitable quote to open this piece but none seemed anywhere near appropriate. Jeremy was so many things to so many people; it’s difficult to find a single sentence pithy or witty enough to commemorate his life. Here atTogether, he was valued not only for the obvious things he did, but also for the extra dimension he brought to the production of the magazine. This website is testament to the work he put in championing Together’s presence, often vocally, as one might expect from an editor with a passion for his charge.

It was his ability to put forward his opinion in what journalists describe as a ‘full and frank exchange of views’ and still keep his many friends that illustrates the kind of person he was. An intelligent, witty and at times garrulous man-about-town, he was generous with compliments, forthright in his views and truly livened up any conversation he became involved in.

His death will leave a hole in the lives of all who knew him. He was a constant source of good humour and bonhomie and the definition of a gentleman; it is difficult to grasp that the fun has come to an end so abruptly. He will be sorely and deeply missed by all.