Jewellery from old aircraft parts


Rosario Gallina and Tiziano Rutilo both worked in marketing. They had what they refer to now as “real jobs”. They loved to travel but disliked performing the same work everyday and the inablility to be their own boss. 

Fast forward to 2010 when they visited a desert in California that houses old aircrafts. It was that visit combined with their passion for aviation and decoration and their desire to try something new that created Relicta Design. 

Officially formed in 2011, Relicta Design creates new and innovative furniture from recycled aircraft parts. The idea, from the beginning, was to give new life to these forgotten pieces. Neither Gallina or Rutilo have a background in design or metal work, but that doesn’t stop them from creating beautiful chairs, desks, bars, jacuzzis and art deco wall pieces that have never been seen before.  

Their designs are truly unique. A quality, they say, that gives them both an advantage and disadvantage. 

“We come with something that no one has ever seen, so there is no need,” Rutilo said. “We have to find the people and convince them that this is good for them and is exciting.”

But that doesn’t seem to have been too hard, as of yet. Relicta Design is showcased in markets around the world, including Brussels, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Paris and Monaco. They were featured on the show Tech Toys 360 and have been commissioned by big-name businesses like Red Bull. 

So what is the big picture for Gallina and Rutilo? To dream even bigger.  

They want to land contracts that will allow them to decorate entire buildings, not just be commissioned for one design. They also brought up what the famous American entrepreneur Steve Jobs said about wanting a Mac in every household in America. They want the same for Relicta Design. 

And why not? They’ve come this far.