Klarafestival – ‘Become Music’


Festival artist Barbara Hannigan invites us to ‘become music’

The theme of this year’s Klarafestival is “become music”. Soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan is the lead festival artist. Hannigan sees performance as collaboration, not just between composer, conductor and orchestra, but also with the audience: “I believe audiences aren’t just listening, but are actively contributing to a performance. They are bringing their energy and their experience to the room. Each audience member walks away with a different experience, just as every family member has a different experience of their family.”

 “Each audience member walks away with a different experience”

The programme is organized in collaboration with Bozar, Ancienne Belgique, Flagey and others, and has a particularly good selection of music for those who love the piano with Vikingur Ólafsson, Paul Lewis and Brad Mehldau. Other highlights include Colin Currie and the Belcea Quartet. 

The Klarafestival runs until 26 March. Visit their website to learn more: www.klarafestival.be