Lada Gaga sports young Belgian designer’s dress


The iconic singer Lady Gaga has set her sights on the creations of designer Louise Leconte. During the 20th Annual Benefit Big Bang in the Hamptons on July 27 the singer the posed in a black leather and organza dress created by the young graduate of La Cambre-Mode[s], the Fashion design department of La Cambre, a Brussels-based School of art and design.

Louise Leconte explained: “It happened quite simply! The Lady Gaga’s assistant stylist contacted my press office to see if I could send them six or seven figures silhouettes from my collection during my fifth year at La Cambre. I guess they found my work on the Internet through the pictures of the parade. And now this photo! Surreal is the word that comes readily to mind. This is both a great recognition and the chance of visibility, allowing me to share my creations to a wider audience.

Louise Leconte, 26, was born in Paris but grew up and studied in Brussels. Graduated from La Cambre Fashion in 2012, she is currently working on a collection of bags and small leather goods entitled ‘Shield Collection’ on sale soon at Hunting and Collecting.