Lions Club Heraldic raises over €18,000 from swimming event


The Lions Club Heraldic is the Englishspeaking Lions Club in Brussels, with members from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, all with a single vocation to serve people less fortunate than them.

The club’s major fund raising activity takes place in springtime every year. The Swimarathon, called Splash!, involves up to 80 teams competing in a fun swimming event and raising funds through sponsorship.

Splash organizer Terry Davidson explained: “It’s our big fund-raising event, held in the pool in Neder-over-Heembeek. This year we celebrated our 30th Splash which raised over €18,000.”

The funds will go to help the Nos Pilifs farm and to a Flemish charity t’Vosje which supports athletic events for handicapped kids. Over the 30 years of Splash, we calculated that we have raised more than one and a half million euros.

“Swimmers and their kids and grandkids come back year after year, including the Brussels chief of Police and the Police team. These people are from kinds of nationalities, from the local and international communities, and they get a real kick out of supporting worthwhile charities while participating in a fun, carnival atmosphere.”

At the very heart of Lionism lies camaraderie, among both the local club members and between Lions from every part of the world. Lions Club Heraldic serves the community, both locally and beyond Belgium’s borders.

“We don’t have a regular charity that we support,” said Davidson. “We change every year to support alternately a different Francophone charity then a Flemish one. All in all, we have supported hundreds of charities over the years, not all in Belgium, some in Romania, Poland, Africa and Egypt.”

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