Maasmechelen Village: Surreal shopping


What happens when Maasmechelen Village and Together magazine get together to celebrate the release of the 49th edition of Together Magazine and the launch of the International Chic Community of Maasmechelen Village? Something surreal happens…

Thursday night is the busiest night on the very popular terraces of place du Luxembourg and that’s where we held our Champagne Cocktail, brining alive some of Belgian surrealist Magritte’s most famous images. You can see more photos of the event on our Facebook page.

From 6 May to 15 August 2014, Maasmechelen will not be a Chic Outlet Shopping® Village like any other in Europe. As part of the Chic Outlet Shopping® summer campaign ‘Day Trip to Chic’, inspired by the best of Belgium, Maasmechelen Village boldly celebrates surrealism.

Seeking to reinterpret iconic works by René Magritte, Maasmechelen Village presents Golconda, The Curse, The False Mirror and The Son of Man. And, as the apple never falls far from the tree, the Village will be giving the phrase made famous by the work The Treachery of Images centre stage in the celebrations.

In addition to surreal art, you will find surprises scattered throughout the Village, including a unique pop-up shop offering a wide range of Magritte objects, an apple so big you can live inside, and the bronze sculpture Souvenir de Voyage will be on display for the first time. At Maasmechelen Village you can treat yourself to fashion must-haves while you discover René Magritte – it’s a unique way to combine pleasure, culture and style… with a perfectly surreal edge!

Discover the world through the eyes of René Magritte. Treat yourself to a wonderful day out and see Souvenir de Voyage, the bronze sculpture inspired by the work of Magritte and created by Philippe Moreno, the only artist allowed to reproduce Magritte’s work. This exclusive 2.6-metre high work of art is one of only eight copies. It will be exhibited in the United States and Japan after its premiere at Maasmechelen Village.

Extend this surreal experience with a visit to the Magritte Museum in Brussels. Dive into this amazing world and discover the many facets of the life, the thoughts and the work of René Magritte and discover an exclusive Surreal package including a two-day experience! Find out more on

Maasmechelen Village, a lot closer than you think. It’s almost surreal!