Made in Belgium: Belga Queen


As you walk the long arched entrance hall and spot the late 19th century stained-glass windows in the high ceilings up ahead, you know you are entering a pretty special restuarant, designed by a very creative interior designer.

Antoine Pinto has given the superb former Hotel de la Poste in downtown Brussels a complete new lease of life. It’s a sophisticated multifunctional complex housing a restaurant, an oyster bar, a beer bar and a club – it clearly reveals his respect for the original space and volumes.

Enough about the design, they serve food and drink, too. At Belga Queen, all products used in the creation of the stunning dishes are of the highest quality and come exclusively from Belgian sources. Pinto swears by Belgian ingredients, Belgian dishes, Belgian beers and, maybe more surprisingly, Belgian wines.

From the Lobster baked on a hot plate, birds beak peppers, lemon juice and lobster oil to the Belgian Charolais tenderloin, Gardian sauce with spices and medaillon of marrow (or sauce on your choice), seasonal vegetables and cone of fries BQ, the menu is varied. And served with some style since the waiters and waitresses have special black-and-white uniforms – they reminded me of monks as they scurried beneath the cloistered pillars.

As you eat and sip, you can hear the hubbub from the oyster bar and chatter from down below, as if the entire place has been imbued with festive pleasure. Talking about pleasure, a notice in the menu said: “Belga Queen offers you a new experience with ‘Pimp your dish with caviar’. In co-operation with the Belgian house Imperial Heritage Caviar. Belga Queen proposes you customize your dishes with Russian caviar Osietra.” So we did…

Open 7 days a week from 12h00

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Belga Queen Brussels
rue Fossé aux Loups 32
1000 Brussels