Mauritius travel: Constance Le Prince Maurice


David McGowan allowed himself to be totally pampered on a Mauritius travel paradise island.

Romantic hideaway, stunning architectural design, luxurious setting, be pampered, lush tropical greenery and an infinity pool, Feng Shui principles employed to create the perfect sense of harmony…

Sold? This is Constance Le Prince Maurice where style, space and architectural design create the perfect hotel lifestyle. Inspired by Feng Shui principles to create the perfect sense of harmony, all beds stand high above floor level to help the circulation of Qi. In the first hall of the Archipel restaurant, internal concrete columns are at the centre of the hall so as to increase the concentration of energy in the centre.
The Hotel Director is a Frenchman called Christophe and has been managing the hotel for more than seven years. His focus is on gastronomy and wine – in fact there are 25,000 bottles of wine down in the cellar. They buy these exceptional wines directly from the producer.

The hotel, created by Jean Marc Eynaud and designer David Edwards, was built in1988 and boasts 89 rooms. Intimacy is the key here. You get to lounge in the intimate and secluded setting. Families can head for the beach and golfers to two 18-hole championship golf courses.

And if you want to get out of the heat on the beach to another kind of heat, with U Spa by Constance, a service designed to restore your wellbeing.

We were truly pampered on this trip. The service is beyond anything you can imagine. For example, I lifted my T-shirt to wipe my glasses and a beach boy ran over telling me to wait – he pulled out a spray and tissue and proceeded to clean my glasses. He then cleaned everybody’s glasses on the beach! And the rooms are so super beautiful, walled with old oak wood

The sea is to die for, and they have two gastronomic restaurants. In one of them, where you sit above the water on little terraces on stilts, you may get lucky and see one of the three sharks that live in the lagoon. Apparently, they got stuck there when they built the wall separating the sea.

We were leaving and I asked them to get my car. It was taking longer than five minutes (which was unusual there) so I went to see what was happening: they were hand washing it for me!

I have never ever been in such luxury. It became a chore just to put your socks on you get so used to having everything done for you. Quite simply the best hotel ever I have ever stayed in. I’ll be back.