Mother’s Day: Saying thanks to the mother-in-law


A study by gift website has revealed that one in five women will buy gifts for their mother-in-law this Mother’s Day. The most common reason given is to make sure their mother-in-law receives a gift, as their partner usually forgets. Almost a third of the men in question, never know what present their own Mother receives.

Twenty percent of married women admit they’ll be buying their mother-in-law a gift this Mother’s Day. Despite the stereotypical image of wives feuding with the in-law’s, the has revealed that 75% of the women in question are happy to shop on their partners’ behalf for their Mother in Law.

The most common reason for taking on the shopping responsibility (43%) is a forgetful partner who may miss the occasion altogether. 27% of women believed they had a better judgment than their partners in choosing the right gift and 17% stated their partner was too lazy to shop themselves. Whatever the reason, we suspect these wives are experts at keeping the peace and ensuring sons stay out of the doghouse with their mothers.

Although 20% of wives offer their husband a helping hand with the present shopping, the survey uncovered that almost a third of the men in question (29%) never find out what gift their own mum receives.

Fine Me A Gift’s Emma Law commented on the survey: “Although Mother’s Day is the perfect time to demonstrate how much you care for your mum, it’s clear that some men trust their partners to make better decisions than themselves when it comes to finding a gift. It’s nice that they want their mum to receive a gift they truly love, but if they’re just dodging their responsibilities we think they should put some real effort in!”

Photo cookie: Xurble