My journey…


Together’s inspirational healer, speaker, presenter, coach and trainer shares a little about her road to self-awareness.

The thing is, for most of my life I didn’t know I was on a journey! The fact that I was, only became clear to me about five years ago. Although, I must admit, I did have my suspicions before then, I just didn’t know what to do about it! I’ve always loved reading, writing, talking to people, exchanging ideas.

I remember writing my own ‘novels’ when I was eight or nine years old. Of course, they were heavily influenced by Enid Blyton and the Famous Five, but they were my own stories and I would spend hours writing them and dreaming about living the adventure. In my early teens, I loved discussing and debating. I loved ideas although something held me back from always expressing them…but I think that’s a story for another day!


The first time I went abroad on my own I was 14 and, with a school friend, I went to stay with a French family for two weeks in the summer. I had caught the bug – both for travel and learning languages!


img187University, travel, languages, relationships, children – all these followed. Good experiences and not so good experiences…So, five years ago I began to discover why I’m really here, what I do best and what all the experiences of my life so far have been leading me towards…and it was quite an eye-opener.

I discovered that I’m here to use my voice, my love of words, be the person I am and inspire others around the world to be who they are.

How did this discovery take place?


Well, if there was a “Eureka” moment, it was when I decided to do something different. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But, think about it, how often do we believe that things will change without actually changing anything? It’s just a matter of doing more of the same, harder and for longer periods, we tell ourselves. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But, that’s how the majority of us operate.

Well, I discovered that it doesn’t work like that. I discovered that unless, I decided to change me, how I think and how my thoughts translate into behaviours, nothing would change. The ball was definitely in my court!

And it is definitely in yours too!

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying, “there must be more to life than this…” or “I’ll do that when I can afford it, the kids have grown up, I have more time, etc, etc…” , then it’s time to do something different.

And, it starts with your thoughts … change your thoughts and you change your life, it’s as simple as that!

For me, I know that I’m here to inspire and motivate others so they can change their thoughts and their lives; so they can discover who they really are, develop their full potential and live life to the full. That’s my passion. That’s what I share with the people around me, the people I work with, the people whose paths cross mine.

And I’m grateful everyday because now I know where I’m going…