New Art Movement is a Surreal Steal


The bronze sculpture by the famous Spanish surrealist artist was taken in broad daylight from an exhibit in Bruges. Reports suggest that the thief placed the statuette in a bag and left and had an accomplice who drew the security guards attention whilst the theft happened.

The Belfry Tower is one of the main tourist attractions in the old Flemish city and the theft was caught on CCTV cameras say local police.

The statuette Woman With Drawers sculpted in 1964, is worth an estimated  €120,000, weighs around 10 kilos and is 50 centimetres high. Dali’s work shows a young woman lying on her side with drawers coming out of her chest and stomach.

The theft took place nearly a year after a painting by fellow surrealist artist Rene Magritte was taken from the eponymous museum in the centre of Brussels.

Last September, two masked and armed men entered the building and took the 1948 nude painting Olympia worth an estimated €3 million.