New Michelin two-star restaurant in Brussels


The 2014 edition of the Michelin guide has bestowed on Christophe Hardiquest (Bon-Bon) a second star. Brussels now has 18 Michelin-starred restaurants, including Villa Lorraine which gained a star.

The Michelin guide lists 1,796 addresses in Belgium and Luxembourg. The 2014 edition includes 132 ‘starred’ restaurants. In the three-star hall of fame remain the same three Belgian restaurants (De Karmeliet, Hertog Jan and Hof Van Cleve), followed by 17 two-star restaurants, including two new ones who received another star (Bon-Bon in Brussels and Bartholomeus in Knokke- Heist).

By winning his second star, Bon-Bon’s chef, Christophe Hardiquest brings a new lustre to the Brussels gastronomic scene. The capital has 18 starred restaurants. Michael Ellis, the director of the Michelin guides, said that “this new selection is particularly interesting because it reflects exactly what is happening today on the Belgian culinary scene, including the dynamics of Brussels which has more Michelin-starred restaurants than cities such as Berlin, Rome or Milan and has gradually earned a very high place in European gastronomy”. La Villa Lorraine and WY (in Sablon) were awarded a star. The Bois de la Cambre restaurant returns to its former glory under the direction of Serge Litvine and a team led by Alain Bianchin.

Other Belgian restaurants receiving a star: L’Epicerie du Cirque (Anvers), The Glorious (Anvers), Hofke van Bazel (Bazel), La Belle (Geel), le Chai Gourmand (Gembloux), De Kristalijn (Genk), Horselle (Gand), Vrijmoed (Gand), Vous lé Vous (Hasselt), Ciccio (Knokke), La Source (Lanaken), Cuchara (Lommel), Arabelle Mairlaen (Marchin), Au Gré du Vent (Seneffe), La Menuiserie (Waimes).

Photos: Jean Pierre Gabriel (Hof van Cleve)