Omega: Great Olympic moments in time


It’s no surprise that a watchmaker would be fascinated if not obsessed by time – and that’s why they often look towards athletes, for whom every millisecond counts. No further surprise when the Swiss watchmaker enlisted the help of Belgian 400m sprinters twins Kevin and Jonathan Borlé to promote their brand.

Under the classy arches of Galérie du Roi, inside Yvan’s Jewellers in the centre of Brussels, the press gathered to meet the boys – and to pick up a copy of a fascinating book which spans Omega’s involvement as Olympic timer through eight decades. It all began in since 1932, and the large format book chronicles the history of the Games, with wonderful, almost timeless images, from those of Jesse Owens, the black man who defied Hitler (1936 Berlin), to the Flying Housewife from the Netherlands Fanny Blankers-Koen (London, 1948), to the eccentric Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and the Jamaican Cool Runnings bobsleigh team (Calgary, 1988) and right up to the present day at Sochi, Russia.

Together met up with Kevin and Jonathan and found them affable, always smiling and a credit to their family. Family was one thing of things mentioned when they were asked about what inspired them to reach their dreams, along with dedication and honesty.

While their fellow sportsmen, The Red Devils, are getting ready to pack their bags for the Brazil World Cup, they boys are also keeping an eye on the clock and Rio Olympics in the summer of 2016.