Opération Chaussettes: Socking it to a harsh winter


We come across them every day at railway stations, bus stops and subway stations. On icy sidewalks, perhaps just outside our door. Sometimes we are afraid of them, we pass them by… or we don’t see them at all. Other times we are touched by their plight but don’t know how to help them effectively. Launched in 2011 by Claudia Lomma, Opération Chaussettes (Operation Socks) provides hundreds of homeless people in Brussels with what they need to face the frost.

This year, the winter will be especially tough and the situation of the most vulnerable will be even worse – so the operation resumes service with a handful of friends, fellow concerned citizens.

To help concretely, there are two solutions:

1. Join the next collection on Sunday, November 24 , from 11h00 to 15h00, on place Poelaert Brussels (outside the Palace of Justice).Sorted in bags (marked women, men, children) priority is given to: sleeping bags, backpacks, hip packs, socks, gloves, scarves, hats , shoes, sweaters, underwear, fleece blankets, anti-frostbite creams, disinfectant sprays, bandages , toilet paper and tissues.

All the bags will be deposited the same evening in various associations, and then redistributed to the homeless. In 2012, thanks to your donations, Opération Chaussettes raised 200m3 of clothing, personal care product, blankets and shoes.

2. Donate

Last winter, with the help of a wide network of contacts, Opération Chaussettes was able to get hold of €15,000 worth of new merchandise (clothing, personal care products, cold weather wear). It created 500 survival kits which were distributed to those associations with little funding, and hand to hand to the homeless. Through your financial donations, we also bought hygiene products for some associations who had to close their showers due to a shortage of equipment. We also helped various people in distress to find housing, or finance a hotel room for the very cold nights. Remember everyone involved is voluntary – whether it’s by giving their time and energy or making available their properties and vehicles.

You can make your donations here: ING Account No. : 363-1132893-70 Name: Opération Chaussettes Address: Albert Avenue , 260 , 1190 Brussels (IBAN transfer paper ) : IBAN BE60 3631 1328 9370 ( electronic funds transfer ) BE60363113289370 BIC : BBRUBEBB