Operation Chococlef


The Belgian MS League needs your help!

The League aims to engage the public, informing them about the disease, but also raising funds. One means of doing this is through the sale of chocolates – Operation Chococlef. These funds are essential to maintaining the various services set up by the League, which include :

– Welcoming and promoting encounters during activities in the provinces

– Informing the public about the disease and its consequences in everyday life,

– Supporting people with multiple sclerosis and their families

– Defending the interests and rights of individuals

– Help financially in some of the extra costs caused by the disease.

Want to help? Together we can take concrete action to improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis:

• You can participate by proposing the distribution of chocolates in your networks, and among your entourage.

• You can buy our Galler chocolates priced at €6 for a pack of four bars or the Pocket-bag, or €10 for the case of 24 mini-sticks. They are available in pharmacies, bakeries and at the tills in supermarkets.

• You also have the option of choosing a gift. Donations of €40 will eligible for a certificate for tax exemption. For example, if you want to help people with MS regularly, a monthly standing order of €3.50 (for 12 months) will entitle you to a tax certificate.

Because of your commitment, you will help the League maintain its operations.

Contact us:

081/40 15 55