Personal coaching: Do we love fear too much?


PERSONAL-COACHING-Is it fear (of God, disease,death…) that makes us stop thinking for ourselves and giving up our reasoning blindly to faith, a dogma, or a government instruction without questioning any further? Is it built into our psyche to give our own heart, soul and mind to an authority so convincing and all knowing that we prefer to put our lives in its hands? Instead of using our own minds, hearts and souls to go directly to the source, to know the source and the right to life solely by the invitation of being alive. Why don’t we have more faith in our own right to life and the responsibility of being the creators of our existence?

Personally, I don’t believe this is really who we are. Instead, I think it is the system we have been brought up in that has coloured us so to the core that we give away our power to an authority outside of ourselves. The truth is that our environment defines our lives, whether it be beliefs, state of mind or environmental context. What we eat we become, and with that, it is what we feed ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and existentially that creates our lives.

Personal can genuinely help you find your place in the world. If we are fed fear, we become fearful. If we are fed love, we become loving. What is inside is outside. Why is it then that we are more prone to swallow fear than love, which these times clearly show? Is it that when we attach to fear, we feel safe in the act of giving up the responsibility for our own lives to some powerful source that knows more about life than we do? As we’ve been conditioned by society by fear through religion, media, movies, novels, climate change and threats to our health, fear has become the ally we choose as if fear was here to protect and save us.

Is it the fear contained in the 2020 medical agenda that appeals to most ordinary people? Is it that when we embrace fear, we feel so safe that fear can lead us wherever it wants? They say there is no power greater than love, but if you open your eyes and take a glance at reality, fear seems to be a state of mind, a companion that most of humanity feels most secure in at the moment. We live in a critical moment in history where we must stop and reflect by ourselves. We need to step out of our comfort zone (conformism) and stop replacing fear with fear. Since the beginning of time, we have been made to believe that fear is our safest ally on this earth. Try to become conscious of the amount of fear that is programmed into your subconscious mind each day.

You will be astonished by how much authority outside of yourself has coloured your fear-based glasses. The time has come to remove the lenses from your media screens and wake up to a world that has led you to believe in fear. Fear will never be the answer to life because you were invited here for love. No matter what any omnipresent authority outside of you has made you believe.

In the future, we will name these times the era of truth, but for that to happen, we need to say goodbye to fear and embrace the truth of LOVE. Love is what you are, and love is what we came here for.


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