Personal development advice: The mind is a muscle


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Visualization and the subconscious mind
In everyday life, we can become overwhelmed with situations that can have a negative effective on our mind and can turn into a negative thought pattern. The question is how do you stir a thought in the right direction? There are various techniques – one of them is visualization. Visualization is a powerful technique that deserves our time and attention. Visualization is the world you create within your mind where you can cultivate positive feelings and positive thoughts. It is like a garden where you grow the plants and flowers of your choice. Visualization has a direct effect on the subconscious mind, where muscle expansion (or change) happens. It is at this level where we bring meaning to the world, to our beliefs and create change in our habits.

How do you train the mind like a muscle? Visualization allows you to create space for your mind to expand. The same way a muscle does when trained. If you’re in the gym and are aimlessly exercising, you will not remotely reach the same results than if you bring your attention to what you are doing. By focusing on a muscle and concentrating on the effort at hand, you allow for it to strengthen and develop. In the same way, training the mind as a muscle, you allow for expansion and strengthening. Therefore, visualization and exercise have a lot in common. Depending on the type of exercise you do they expand, build and stretch.

When you visualize, you become the observer. You slow down your thoughts, pulse and heart rate. This allows us to be in a calmer state of mind and to be tuned in to the present. Within this realm of visualization, you enter the realm of realization. Realization leads to change. If you’re not aware or convinced of something, up to that point, it doesn’t exist. The moment it enters your mind, you become aware of its existence (realization) and discover the myriad of possibilities that up to that point were inexistent. What you can imagine you can achieve. This is where the expression “what the brain can conceive, it can achieve” solidifies. It all happens in the realm of belief (once again, the subconscious mind). By imagining yourself getting somewhere, achieving something, doing something; visualization allows you to explore new possibilities.

Within the subconscious mind doors open, possibilities unfold and obstacles unfasten. This is the purpose of visualization. Have you noticed in your dreams you can do things you’ve never imagined or found impossible in the material world? This is your mind expanding like a muscle. So why does visualization work? How is it that the subconscious mind is so powerful? The subconscious mind is like an ocean and is unlimited in nature. When we bring attention to it we allow for expansion. Limitlessness and expansiveness are our true nature.

There is truth behind the expression “there is always a solution”. It may not be immediately accessible or what we expect but solutions there are. Finding a solution may cause us to think or act out of our comfort zone. By training the mind as you would a muscle, you develop and strengthen its capacities and tap into your belief system. By applying the first part of Henry Ford’s saying “if you believe you can, you’re right” you reinforce your thoughts in the direction of your beliefs. Through visualization, you train mental strength, learn mechanisms to unlock obstacles and reach goals you might never have expected. The mind is a muscle. But the mind isn’t just any muscle. The mind is our most powerful muscle. Train it like one. If you fall seven times, you’ll be sure to stand up eight.