Personal development: Arnon Barnes optimizing the market


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT You control the power to do, the power to create and the power to deliver value to the marketplace, effectively and efficiently, using milestones. I must warn you though – what most businesses do, when they notice that they are ‘off track’ and are not going to hit their monthly, quarterly or annual milestones, is ‘lower the target’. This is a rookie and huge mistake, because running a business is never about lowering your values, standards and desired outcome. It is about sticking to your beliefs and doing whatever it takes to get to the desired outcome by increasing your activities. Instead of lowering your milestones and compromising your vision, increase energy levels.

The reality is that by creating a milestone map or calendar, you are setting yourself and your team up for a win. That’s what great leadership is about: creating a winner mentality and keeping that momentum throughout your company culture.

Having had the blessing to work with the CEO, visionary and leader behind Together Magazine, David McGowan, made one thing very clear to me. Together Magazine is powered by a driven, passionate and inspirational force. Setting milestones that must be achieved by a team that is uncompromising in their work ethics. A true leader to the core. This is the secret to their success, and I congratulate David and his team on achieving this milestone and can’t wait to celebrate many more with them!

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