Personal Development: Uncertainty Is Certain


Many people are experts in different areas, but even if they don’t know it all, they can all contribute in various ways. And if we are smart and put all that knowledge together and exchange information and ideas with each other, we can exponentially raise our intelligence. Intelligence being inclusive and taking into consideration the best for everybody involved, that is, all of humanity and not only our separate egos. The truth is that this has not been underlined enough in our establishment, but this is the time to embrace that wisdom and stop gaining power over one another by pretending that we are 100% sure about anything.

In the same heartbeat, we can maybe also, while we are at it, admit that there is not one single human being who has all the answers to the mystery of life for the simple reason that if we knew it all, life would lose its purpose and meaning. Beyond anything, it would lose its beauty and magic. No one is the almighty ruler of the universe, and we understand this more than ever because of the clarity that comes to us in this moment. After all, and beyond all, we are in this together.

With each passing day, we become increasingly aware that without social contact and smaller daily interactions with other human beings who make our lives work, we are nothing, and life becomes empty and isolated. We understand the importance of all the former ‘invisible’ human beings that make our lives run smoothly, comfortable and enjoyable. The cashiers in the supermarket, the cleaning ladies in our homes and public places, the nurses who sacrifice themselves for our wellbeing, the manufacturers, the tram drivers, the teachers… the list is endless. These people are our true heroes, and now more than ever we finally understand the importance of interconnectedness. More than anything, we know that we breathe the same air.

I know that there are numerous people out there with hearts of gold and clever minds who have kept themselves quiet because we have created societies where you have to be so sure about everything to have a place. Now is the time to change that. By accepting that nobody has the monopoly on the 100% truth, we can embrace a new consciousness raising from the awareness that we would be more in phase with the authentic, genuine, and life enhancing if we question things more and invite others into the thought process.

Now we have an opportunity to rise up proud in our uncertainty. It would be good to use this pause as a means to invite more of us to bring their straw to the solutions. When we stop gaining scores by being right and wrong, we will find more innovative solutions, more collaboration, more humanity and more ‘life’ in our existence. It is when we humbly accept that we need each other that we will be able to live life as it was intended. In partnership with other human beings.

In graciously safeguarding our uncertainty as something precious and holy, because it is in accepting that we don’t individually know it all that we can save us all. As one giant global mind, with a universal compassionate heart and one healthy, human breath that wants to stay alive.

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