Property coaching: Effective Real estate is 100% or nothing


In our latest property coaching article Yannick Callens says you have to go all the way in the property business.

In my property coaching sessions students often ask themselves lots of questions, full of doubts about the steps in their real estate buying process. This is normal, human beings are like that, they feel in danger. But if we analyze the steps one at a time, why should we doubt? We worry ourselves about things that haven’t happened yet or will never happen.

I often tell my students that a good deal is a simple deal. So, for all the questions and doubts that do not arise… just forget them. A human being only spends 1% percent of his life in the present, the other 99% of his thoughts are either directed towards the past or the future… and as long as we are not yet in the future, it does not exist.

Ditto for real estate deals, whether for a purchase or for a sale, we do it or we don’t. It’s black or white, but never grey. I often compare it to telling your loved one that you love them 60% today – try it for yourself, and wait for the reaction.

It is the same thing in real estate – it’s 0% or preferably 100%, but nothing in between. If you make every effort to visit a property, look for the right deal, make offers but ultimately always finish second, it’s useless. You will be wasting your time. The greatest difficulty and, therefore, the greatest opportunity in real estate is perseverance.

Finalize and finish everything you do in real estate: your search for the right deal, your negotiation, the acceptance of your offer, your financing and also your work. I often find that the way a student reacts in real estate is the same way they react to everyday life. You have doubt in your life, you will have doubt in real estate. You have confidence in life, you are going to have confidence in real estate.

So if we take that into account, and look at how we react in everyday life, we already know how it will play out in real estate.

The solution to this is to anticipate. Anticipation is the key. And as I often repeat, a good deal comes before the purchase, not in the purchase itself. The bottlenecks we all have in real estate come from ourselves. We must first work on ourselves in order to be able to move forward fast and well in real estate. This is easier for some people than for others. But as soon as we accept that, we take a step back from what is not working and move forward.

Anticipate, accept and move forward are the key words for everything.

A resolved question can help you unlock everything. Now what is the right question to ask yourself in order to move forward? Each individual is unique. This makes it somewhat difficult. Take the time to ask yourself the right questions, because, as we know, the quality of our questions is the basis of the quality of our life… and therefore also of the quality of our real estate.

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