The Pursuit of Excellence 2 day conference by Marc Sluszny


Acquire the knowledge and reach your full potential

During these two days, mental coach Marc Sluszny will successfully bring about change and help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

You will be learning and applying new tools, enabling you to unlock your full potential and make that difference in your life. It will be a positive mental, emotional and physical process whereby the outlined strategies will teach you to apply the right mindset in overcoming fears through courage, determination and focus.

With the right mental attitude you will learn to developed particular skills enabling you to reach your highest potential and so gain understanding about yourself as well as others.

Even the best seek coaching. Take that first step in pursuit of your goals. Make a difference.
Be the best you can be. Knowledge is the key to success.

After the two day conference, you will have the right mental attitude to:
– Overcome your fears
– Achieve your goals
– Be the best version of yourself
– Perform at your highest level in different fields

Date: 14 and 15 October 2017

Price: €2,450 Euro
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TODAY: €1,450
*Money Back Guaranteed